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Omega Flex Pet Sprinkles – NZ Green Lipped Mussel Powder

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NZ Green Lipped Mussel Powder for Dogs & Cats

Availability: In stock

 Pet Food Sprinkle Nutritional support for mobility and healthy joints – a superfood supplement for pets

Who is it for? Dogs & cats, All ages, Fussy eaters, Owners wanting to boost nutrition in their pet’s diet.

What is it for? Nutritional support for mobility, Nutritional support for healthy joints, Healthy shiny coat, Healthy skin

Why else? Omega-3’s, High quality marine protein, Sustainably sourced from NZ, Suitable for long term use, Scientifically researched

Our OmegaFlex Pet Sprinkles Green Lipped Mussel powder is a nutritious and easily digestible nutritional supplement recommended for cats and dogs of all ages to promote healthy skin, coat and joints, naturally.

Suitable for even the fussiest of eaters, it is an excellent aid in enticing animals at mealtimes.

Superna® Green Lipped Mussel powder is concentrated and rich in Omega-3s, including those not found in fish oils. A source of ETA, EPA and DHA fatty acids, the fresh mussels are dried with advanced technology to preserve their key fat profile.

OmegaFlex has worked hard to ensure all of the natural benefits of green lipped mussels are maintained in our Superna® powder resulting in a high quality product for your pet.

Size: 120g


Warning: Do not use if your pet has fish, shellfish or molluscs allergies. Take care in dispensing if you have shellfish allergies

Crude Protein 50% (min),

Crude Fat 7.0% (min),

Total Omega 3s 5% (max),

Moisture 5% (max),

Ash 10% (max).

Dosage: Sprinkle on your pet’s food once a day.

  • Cats and small dogs raised 1/4 teaspoon

  • Medium dogs raised 1/2 teaspoon

  • Large dogs raised 1 teaspoon

As a natural means to have your furry friend feeling happier, more active, with an improved quality of life, your pet can enjoy the benefit of GLM powder with a simple sprinkling added to their food and eliminates the use of a tablet, or capsule.

Warning: Do not use if your pet has fish, shellfish or molluscs allergies. Take care in dispensing if you have shellfish allergies.


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