Feeding Guide

Natural Petfood Feeding Guide

The safest way to introduce natural NZ-made pet food to your pet

Every pet deserves the best diet filled with high-quality ingredients. If you are looking to buy raw pet food in New Zealand, you have come to the right place. Premium pet brands available from us include Ultra pet food, Addiction, Maranui and The NZ Natural Pet Food. After buying a new brand of pet food, it is crucial to introduce new food to your pet slowly. While your pet is in the transition from their old diet to a new one, you may notice your pet has loose stools. This is a normal response to any new food that is introduced. Follow the guidelines below to avoid your pet experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort. By the 11th day, your pet will safely be able to consume their new pet food.

• Days 1 and 2 – 10% new pet food, 90% old pet food
• Day 3 – 20% new pet food, 80% old pet food
• Day 4 – 30% new pet food, 70% old pet food
• Day 5 – 40% new pet food, 60% old pet food
• Day 6 – 50% new pet food, 50% old pet food

• Day 7 – 60% new pet food, 40% old pet food
• Day 8 – 70% new pet food, 30% old pet food
• Day 9 – 80% new pet food, 20% old pet food
• Day 10 – 90% new pet food, 10% old pet food
• Day 11 – 100% new pet food

It is never too late to provide your pet with a healthier, more wholesome diet. Whether you are looking to buy natural dog food, grain free dog food, or raw cat food you are sure to find the product you need. It is easy to order our healthy pet food online now.

Shipping Delay
on Raw food Orders

Raw food will only be shipped on set days in April. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience! Raw food will ship on, 

  • Mon 3rd, Tues 4th
  • Tues 11th, Wed 12th
  • Mon 17th, Tues 18th, Wed 19th
  • Wed 26th

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