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Lamb Tripe is considered to be the raw wonder food for dogs due to containing essential fatty acids, vitamins, and having a very low fat content. It also has a calcium-phospherous ratio of 1:1 which is great for building strong bones & teeth. Feed frozen or fresh.

High in Vitamin B-12 and Selenium, You?ll also get about 1.5 milligrams of zinc in each serving of tripe, or 10 percent of the DV. You need zinc for immune function, wound healing, blood clotting, reproduction, thyroid and insulin function, healthy vision, and a proper sense of smell and taste.

Tripe is the working station for any animal ? otherwise known as the stomach sac. Tripe is the superfood for cats and dogs as it is where all the nutrition is broken down and this is where all the greens from eating gets processed. For a wild animal eating the stomach contents and the sac is where they would get a lot of their greenery content from. So feeding tripe is a very important part of their diet.

Zinc is a component of every living cell in the body. It is essential for the structure and function of over 50 enzymes. It is important for growth, sperm production, night vision, appetite, sense of taste and smell, maintaining a strong immune system, and for wound healing. Beef and lamb have a high zinc content.

Iron helps carry oxygen to muscles to support physical activity. Iron in animal products is more readily available to the body than iron from plant sources.

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