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You know your pets best

Would you feed your dogs n' cats McDonalds?! If no, then you're just like me!

I have 2 dogs and only feed them natural pet food & treats.

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Natural Pet food and Treats, Local and fresh.

It’s all about wholesome nutritional pet food that maximizes pet health and longevity, we have pets too and we care!

At Natural NZ Pet Food & Treats, we offer New Zealand made and manufactured pet food & treats containing ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. We’re passionate about selling products that enhance your pet’s everyday life as we don’t just want your pets to survive we want them to thrive!

We do some Human Food too!

Try our latest range of ‘The House of Food’ nut butters. Made from 100% natural ingredients! 

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We are Animal Lovers

We offer 100% Natural New Zealand made pet food and treats.

Our customers are caring pet owners who feed their pets high quality, nutritional, wholesome raw and dried pet food. We offer a great variety of raw food, dry food and tasty natural treats. Maximise the health and longevity of your cherished pets.

Pet owners who have pets with allergies or pets with specific medical or dietary requirements that demand ‘real’ food and not cheap offcuts. Natural NZ Pet Food & Treats caters to everyone who wants to feed their cat or dog the best possible diet.

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