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Maranui – Diced Beef


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Diced beef, made from boned-out beef meat that is frozen and then cut into chunks, offers several benefits for pet nutrition:

High-Quality Protein: Beef is a rich source of high-quality protein, essential for muscle development, repair, and overall health in pets. Protein is crucial for maintaining energy levels and supporting various bodily functions.

Nutrient-Rich: Beef provides essential nutrients such as vitamins (including B vitamins like B12 and minerals like iron and zinc) that contribute to overall health and vitality in pets. These nutrients support immune function, metabolism, and cellular repair.

Versatility: Diced beef can be used in a variety of pet recipes, including homemade diets, raw feeding, or as a topper. Its versatility allows pet owners to customize their pets’ diets according to their preferences and dietary needs.

Texture Variation: The chunky texture of diced beef provides pets with a satisfying chewing experience.

Convenience: Diced beef is pre-cut into convenient chunks, making it easy for pet owners to portion and serve. This saves time and effort in meal preparation and ensures that pets receive the right balance of nutrients in each serving.

Diced beef is a nutritious and flavorful food option for cats and dogs, providing essential protein, vitamins, and minerals for optimal health and wellbeing. With its digestibility, versatility, texture variation, and convenience, diced beef is a valuable addition to pets’ diets, supporting their overall health and vitality.

Size: 1kg bags or 5kg boxes

We can now ship raw food to most of the North Island as long as you are not classed as Rural. Due to the volume of the 1kg bags and 5kg boxes and for shipping reasons they are now down as weighing 1.5kg and 5.5kg, there is min buy of 5.5kg or 5 x 1kg bags as at this stage I don’t have poly bins small enough for anything less.

South Island Customers : Due to system restrictions you cannot order Raw Food from the site. However if you contact us by email we can arrange shipping to business addresses in towns and cities in the South Island

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