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Chicken, Heart and Tripe 1kg (90g Medallions)


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Combining chicken, heart, and tripe into pre-portioned medallions offers several benefits for cats and dogs:

Lean Protein Sources: Chicken and beef heart provide lean protein, essential for muscle development and overall health in cats and dogs. This supports muscle maintenance and repair without excess fat.

Organ Meat Nutrients: Beef heart is rich in essential nutrients like vitamins B12, B6, and iron, which contribute to overall health and vitality. Tripe is also nutrient-dense, containing digestive enzymes, probiotics, and essential fatty acids.

Digestive Health: Tripe contains probiotics and digestive enzymes that support healthy digestion in cats and dogs. This can alleviate digestive issues and promote better nutrient absorption.

Ground Bone: Ground bone provides a natural source of calcium and phosphorus, essential minerals for bone and teeth health in pets.

Pre-portioned Medallions: Pre-portioned medallions offer convenience and ensure accurate portion control, making feeding easier for pet owners.

Nutritional Balance: The combination of chicken, heart, tripe, beef heart, and ground bone provides a balanced nutritional profile, including essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary for overall health and well-being in cats and dogs.

Suitability for Both Cats and Dogs: This product is suitable for both cats and dogs, offering a versatile option for multi-pet households.

Chicken, heart, and tripe medallions with added beef heart and ground bone provide a nutritious and balanced diet option for cats and dogs. With lean protein sources, organ meat nutrients, and digestive support from tripe, it can contribute to the health and well-being of pets.

We can now ship raw food to most of the North Island as long as you are not classed as Rural. Due to the volume of the 1kg bags and 5kg boxes and for shipping reasons they are now down as weighing 1.5kg and 5.5kg, there is min buy of 5.5kg or 5 x 1kg bags as at this stage I don’t have poly bins small enough for anything less.

South Island Customers : Due to system restrictions you cannot order Raw Food from the site. However if you contact us by email we can arrange shipping to business addresses in towns and cities in the South Island

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