Bully Sticks 15cm (Singles or Bundles of 10)

$5.65$52.50 available on subscription


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Product Details

Bully sticks are a tasty, single ingredient treat and highly digestible! Dogs of any breed, size or age can take advantage of their many great benefits while satisfying their natural instinct to chew. Bully sticks are made from high-protein beef muscle which helps maintain clean teeth, a healthy coat, strong muscles and optimal brain function.

NOTE: sizes to vary as with most natural things when dried, this is out of my control, unfortunately. They are something that is brought per item, not by weight. I do try and give a variety when ordering but this is not always the case. (some other places sell these for $10 ea so at least they are cheaper)

Else ware these sell for up to $10 ea!!

Beef Bully Stick – This is a great chew for a pet that needs something to keep them occupied.

I also stock the Steer Sticks in a 10pkt which are a thiner version or this and great for smaller dogs and puppys.

Longer lasting Chew are Venison & Cow Hooves, Antlers and Venison Shank & Cannon Bones